We care deeply about matching animals and people.  If you would like to work with us to find your match, or if you see an available animal that interests you,  begin by filling out the appropriate application (above) to give us an outline of the home you might offer a new animal; email your application to Adopt@PaddingtonStation.US.  We will check your references, and will ask you any further questions. We may set up a visit with an available animal, or we may work to identify an at-risk animal who is likely to suit you.  Eventually, you and your family will visit the animal at the foster home, where you will spend an hour or two finding out whether the connection -- the chemistry -- is there for everyone, human and animal.  If it is, we may arrange a home visit to ensure that your home environment is safe and suitable for the animal you have chosen.  At the final stop on this pre-adoption train, you will sign a contract, pay the adoption fee, and take home your new friend.

Your relationship with Paddington Station does not end there.  We require that you keep in touch with us for a minimum of a month, and we hope you will want to keep in touch much longer.  We will provide support and advice, help you to work through any adjustment challenges, and do all we can to ensure a successful adoption.